No need for coding for website, learn from domain to hosting everything

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Do not you just make your website because you do not get coding? Actually, users can not make websites due to two reasons. The first reason is not the absence of coding and the second reason is the fear of heavy spending on website design. In this way, today we are going to tell you how to build your website and also without any extra expenses or coding.

What happens to the domain?

If we explain the domain in a simple language, suppose a house has a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and drawing-room. Now understand the domain’s language, then there are four domains here. Domain Means Your Identity The kitchen has its own identity, its own bathroom and its own bedroom. Just like when you buy a domain, you have to buy a name. For example, and are two separate domains. By typing, you will go to another website and type to another website. You can buy the domain for one year for several years. It is important to note that if you do not buy the domain after a set time, then that domain can take someone else from your place. However, for this, you will be able to know the information provided by the company for months before the date expiry, and you can register your domain for some time after expiry. You can purchase domains in the options like .com, .co, .in, .net. It would be nice that you buy .com though this will be a bit costlier than your other domain.

What happens to Hosting?

If you consider them to be four domains in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and drawing room, then your home is a hosting. These rooms can not be made without home, so you will not be able to use the domain without buying a host. In the host, you get a chance to buy from space to many domains. I.e. more than the host gets space The more service and storage you can use. If you have more than one domain in your host package, then you can use two domains like and on your same host. It is important to note that for two domains, you have to buy two domains.

Where to Buy Hosting and Domain?

By visiting you can purchase both hosting and domain. Plans are divided into three parts on the website. Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, Business Plan If you are new to the present then it would be nice to choose one of the Hatchling Plan or Baby Plan. Read all the plans given on the website and buy it according to your need. Here you can buy both hosting and domain. The company gives 24×7 sports Here you get all the plans like a Hostgator. Here you also get all the services that give the Hostgator and Goda.

Build on WordPress website

Download WordPress after buying a domain and hosting. After buying the hosting you can download WordPress for free. Here you get many more Themes and Plugins, which lets you create a website without coding. It is very easy to use these themes and plugins.

How to Buy Hosting and Domain and How to Use WordPress You will find it in many tutorials on Youtube. The whole process is very easy. So now enjoy your new website.


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