Best Websites For Timepass

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Today we are talking about the best websites for timepass You can tell all the millions of ways to pass the time, but sometimes you have thought of wasting your free time. Yes, even speaking it has to pass time. If we tell you that we also have many such methods for you, which is very strange, but quite creative. They are so creative that you must try them once in your life. Perhaps you can see them and say what is this brother, but we are sure that you will not miss sharing them with your friends. So without wasting much time, let us see some amazing ways to spend time in internet or waste it.

best websites for timepass

Best websites for timepass: Ocearch
Ocearch gives you the opportunity to track sharks and whales around the Earth. Now you wonder what you will get by tracking a shark. So remember that this list has been created only to help you waste your time in a creative way. Interestingly, we got to see a female tiger shark, called Seria and made a huge trip around the east coast of Africa a few days ago. The shark traveled to Singapore and then came back to Madagascar. You can also track any similar shark or whale.

Best websites for timepass: The Useless Web
The useless web itself has a useless name, meaning useless web. But also fun. It opens any stupid website for you. For example, this website took us to a website called drawing.the garden where all you have to do is move your cursor and draw from plants and fruits and vegetables. That’s why its name is Useless Web.

Best websites for timepass: Conspiracy Theory list on Wikipedia
Is the Earth Really Flat? Was it a thoughtful plan to step on the moon? What happened to the princess of Kashmir? Wikipedia has a long list of thousands of such questions. Whether you reach any conclusion or not by reading these, you will definitely get time between meals.

Best websites for timepass: Pointer pointer
Very interesting website, which may take you time to understand at first, but once you get it, you will surely get a laugh. Here any picture will appear on your screen, in which some subject will be pointing to your cursor. You will feel as if the picture is telling you that your cursor is here.

Best websites for timepass: The True Size
Do you know that you were looking at the world map incorrectly for so long? For example, Greenland appears much larger than India in the map, but in reality, it is not. The True Size lets you compare the size of any country by placing it on top of another country. With this, you can erase all your misconceptions about the world map.

Best websites for timepass: Take the Impossible Quiz
Questions that will baffle your head and you will get three chances in total. Will have to start from the beginning after every game over. The funny thing is that due to the desire to see the next funny question you can spend hours in this game and yes, the first question is Jawah ‘four’.

Best websites for timepass: The Way Back Machine
Have you ever thought that we could go back to our childhood? Here you cannot go into the past of life right now, but you can definitely see the past of any website. Here you can put any time and see what that website looked like at that time.

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