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We are discussing Best Antivirus According To Reddit, Today there is a computer in every house, computers have become our need in today’s date. Not a few years ago, everyone had a computer and internet. I still remember that in my childhood, if someone had a computer, then people read and wrote and considered him as a money man. But today computers have come in every home, and the Internet is connecting all these computers.

Today almost every work of human race depends on computer and internet. Computers have come to dominate our lives in such a way that even if the internet / computer is shut down for just 1 minute, there will be a loss of billions of dollars. how many small businesses will stop, which we imagine Can not even.

Since, almost every human being is connected to computer and internet, everyone is sharing or collecting their personal life or any other information for some reason or the other. We also call this human activity the life of digital life ie Internet.

Best antivirus according to reddit 2021

Today, every person on the Internet has some purpose, someone wants to do business online, someone wants to learn something new, someone has to show their knowledge / talent to the world, people connect with computer and internet for many such countless purposes. Go. But, there are some people on the Internet who just want to hurt people, get their personal information out of people, sell it online, blackmail someone with the help of that information, or every possible way to use computer or internet. It is the job of these people to trouble anyone.

We call such people as hackers, but not all hackers are wrong. There are some hackers who hack at just to keep peace on the internet. Click here if you want more information about hackers.

If a hacker needs some information about the people of a community, he cannot gather information by going to everyone’s house, even if someone does it, he will be caught immediately. In such a situation, hackers use the Internet to do the same. Hackers create some scripts that will be accessed on every computer on the Internet and send the information of all the people to whom the hacker needs. We call this script a virus. Click here for more information about the virus.

If you want to avoid the virus, then you must either have all the information about the technology, or you can speak to an expert to protect you from the virus. Actually both these things are not possible. Because, if you start to learn everything about technology, then the work for which you are connected to the Internet will be incomplete and you will be stuck in virus and internet security. If you hire an expert here, then there will be no such thing as online privacy, because that expert will know all the information about you.

In this case, only antivirus software can save you from this confusion. Today there are many antivirus software available in the market. We will help you in which antivirus you should buy according to your need.

How to choose the Best Free antivirus according to reddit

An effective antivirus is not one that simply detects and deletes all viruses. The real task of antivirus is to find and fix any type of virus without harming the performance of the computer.

Today, Quick Heal and NPAV are the most popular antivirus in India and Asian market. But in fact, these two antivirus virus databases are very weak. Both these antivirus not only slow down the computer but also show popup and scanning dialog repeatedly.

I am not against both these antivirus, but the way these two antivirus are famous in Asia, both these antivirus companies do not have the same quality of service. However, 10 times better antivirus than these are present in the market.

If you do more work offline on your computer, or you only use the Internet to access the website, then I suggest you to install avast free antivirus.

or you can install any of these antivirus.

Most of the viruses come from the Internet, but if you do not spend much time on the Internet, then any antivirus like the above list will be effective for you. And another special thing about free antivirus is that it is absolutely free. That is, you do not have to pay any money to use free antivirus.

Free does not mean that free antivirus does not work well. Free antivirus provides the same protection as premium antivirus. Some advanced tools are not available in Simply Free Antivirus.

If you live more online on the Internet, then you cannot depend entirely on free antivirus. You have to buy a good antivirus, because free antivirus does not have some features like scanning the website and blocking the false website, saving passwords, scanning emails, scanning the payment gateway while making online payments and any Ways to Stop Loss of Finance, etc. You can buy any of these antivirus according to your need.

Best antivirus according to reddit For Companies

If you have a business and you use more than 10 computers and you run your own website and server for your business, then every antivirus company provides business solutions for you.

If I talk about business, I never used business antivirus, but after doing some research, I found this antivirus to be the best.

My personal experience

You must update the antivirus at least every 2-3 days. Otherwise, that antivirus does not make sense to be in your computer. (Because it will not be able to detect new viruses)

Does my mobile need any antivirus?

Today everyone has their own smartphone, most people use Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS operating system. Both Android and IOS operating systems are based on Linux, and Linux is famous for not being affected by its viruses. In such a situation, I do not think that you need any antivirus for mobile.

Follow the rules easily to keep mobiles away from viruses, you will never need antivirus.

  • Download apps only from the store
  • Google and Apple publish all the apps on the store after testing them.
  • Check the domain name of every website visited on the social website.
  • The domain name of a fake website always has minor mistakes.
  • Never root the mobile.
  • If you are an Android user, always use stock Android only.
  • Do not use any keyboard app except Google Gboard.
  • Never turn on developer mode if you are not a developer.
  • Always use Google Chrome / Safari browser to surf the Internet.
  • Similar and web browsers such as UC browser, Mcent browser, etc. Do not use

Even if you follow only these rules, you never have to worry about viruses in your mobile.

Why does the virus not come in mobile?

If we talk about computers, then many types of software and scripts can be run in a computer. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for the user to keep an eye on all these scripts. This is why antivirus is needed in computer.

How to remove virus from mobile?

  • Viruses come in mobile only when you install an app with the help of another website (app sideload)
  • Viruses are very easy to get out of mobile.
  • Open the list of all apps in the settings.
  • Find strangely named apps in this list.

Top 10 Anti Virus For Android 2020

For example, apps which have no name or apps that are not readable like “dodfkjdsosd”

If an app does not have an uninstall option, then that app is installed by the operating system and that app cannot be a virus. all antivirus according to reddit 2021 is good.




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