How To Change Spectrum WiFi Password Use Simple Method

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Are you currently a Spectrum user hoping to maintain your network secure? Today i will teach you simple methods. how to change your spectrum WiFi password.

The 2016 Information Breach Investigation report claims that 63 per cent. Of their most popular data, breaches have been a consequence of a stolen or weak password. Cybercriminals have become more economical than ever, and users don’t understand the importance of keeping online safety. Phishing attacks lately were targeted customer credentials.

Because 300,000 houses routers are hacked in a few couples of days. Much like you secure your online accounts since they include your private information, you need to ensure the safety of your wireless network too. Changing the password of your Spectrum Wi-Fi is a simple way lets started.

Option-1 How to change spectrum wifi password

Before changing your password, then you have to understand where to see your own Wi-Fi information from.
Seeing Wi-Fi information

There are just two ways of seeing the name and password of your Wi-Fi network:

Step 1: Using Manage Account

Go to the official site of Charter Spectrum Open”Manage Account” You’ll be redirected to the Account Summary page. Select the Services tab. Select the Internet under the Services & Equipment heading. Under WiFi, you’ll find Your WiFi Network.

Step 2: Use My Internet

How To Change Spectrum WiFi Password

Go to the official site of Spectrum you can also self install

Log in to your Spectrum accounts Click “Internet” After you’ve signed in and found your WiFi network information, select Manage Network.

Enter the network Name and Password.You can change both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks.

If you’d like for the 2.4GHz network to have the same name and password as 5GHz, check the box to Use the same password as 5GHz.

How To Change Spectrum WiFi Password

Click Save. And Select Yes, Continue.

How To Change Spectrum WiFi Password

Now your Wifi SSID Created.

Option-2 how to change spectrum wifi password

You can Edit the Wi-Fi password using the following two options:

Follow below step.

Option 2:

Log into your Spectrum online account by entering your username and password.
Visit the "Services" section and click on the"Internet" tab.
Choose the blue down arrow for seeing more information about your web ultra program.
You'll have the ability to observe your SSID which will be the network's name and password. Go ahead and change the password from there by clicking the edit/update tab. 

Option 2: Spectrum App

You could also Edit your network’s name and password using My Spectrum app if you’ve subscribed to your own Wi-Fi.

Sign in to a Spectrum online account with My Spectrum program.
Click "Services" from the menu. This will show you the network name and password of your Wi-Fi.
Choose "Update" to change your network password or name.
Enter the updated information and tap on"Save Changes.
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