Indian personality iPhone (Telugu) Can Crash Any iPhone Right away (How one can repair.)

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Indian character iPhone (Telugu) Can Crash Any iPhone Instantly (How to fix.)

indian character iphone

The Unicode standard allows a wide range of languages to be consistently displayed by assigning a unique number to each character. Consequently, text from any alphabet can be faithfully reproduced independently of language or computing platforms.
This universal encoding eliminates many of the misunderstandings that arise with the use of limited character sets, such as ASCII. Unicode characters are referenced in the text by writing “U+” followed by the character code represented in hexadecimal format (for example, a capital “A” can be indicated by U+0041).
Unicode is organized into different groups, whose characters/letters correspond to various alphabets and their writing styles. For example, this article is written with characters that belong to the “Basic Latin” group.
In addition to letters, numbers, and symbols, Unicode also contains invisible “special characters” that modify how visible characters are displayed (for example U+0020, the “space” that places a gap between two words). A complete list of Unicode characters can be found here.

Now in 2018, a new bug is already circulating! With a simple Indian character, it is possible to break out with the Messages app, or you can say with a simple Indian character, anyone can simply crash your iPhone. But there are other apps also affected.

“ జ్ఞ‌ా “

How to Fix


I- At first, you have to send a message to that iPhone which is crashing from any other iPhone.

II- When the message will be shown as “Banner” at top of the screen, Just click on it as shown in the image below.

III- After that, the iMessage app will automatically crash and will close. Now again click on the iMessage app to open it.4. And you will see that the messages app isn’t crashing this time. Now delete the message without opening it and all apps which were crashing will be fixed.


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