How To Hack WiFi Password From in Mobile Phone

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How To Hack WiFi Password From in Mobile Phone

1. To hack the WiFi password first you have to download the application. Then you have to download the Bcmon application and then install it.


2. After the application is installed, you have to open it and click on the Nb Monitor mode.

3. As soon as you have a monitored monitor. Clicking on the box will be activated on your phone and some options will appear like this, as shown in the picture below.

4. After activating the Bakmons application, you have to come out of the Bakmons application and then download the Raver application Then it is also installed that these applications help us in cracking verbose and vip 2 security, so that we can hack the password of the wifi.
5 After the Raver app is installed, you have to open it as soon as you install the Raver app you will have a message show in front of you to click on Continuity.

6. Now you have to verify the monitor mode, for verification you have to go back to Appointments and after opening it, press the Direct Home to come out and again to open the Raver app, Raver In the app you have to tick the automatic advanced settings and now you are ready for hacking hacking.

7 Now you will be having WiFi network shows in the Raver app, you have to click on any one network and then click on start attack click on start attack, the hacking process will start and password cracks in 2 to 10 hours.


So friends, you can hack WiFi password from your android phone just your Android the phone box application should be supported if your phone is not supported by the phone application, then you will not be able to hack the wifi password from this trick.



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