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AVG VPN Review may be an alright known and popular anti-virus software provider. most of the people are unaware that they even have their own VPN service, AVG VPN. during this post, we are getting to see how it stacks up against the opposite similar services. With just 50 servers in 36 countries, you won’t find an enormous network. For a full, global network of servers, you’ll still believe a bigger and more well-established VPN like NordVPN.

There’s one key feature it does have, though, and that’s the power to unblock Netflix US – for now. Its small server network makes it a simple target for blacklists. If you would like reliability with Netflix, inspect one among these top five vendors. We tested AVG Secure VPN to ascertain whether it lived up to its name. Our review will assist you learn more about this service, how it performs, and what features it offers. Let’s dive in!

What Is A Avg VPN Full Review

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is an alternate network that first encrypts, then transmits your data securely via the web. The purpose of a VPN is to guard your personal data (such as your IP address), allow you to use Wi-Fi securely, enable private browsing sessions, and provides you access to restricted or censored websites. VPN’s are not any longer limited to laptops and PCs. you’ll now use VPN services on your other devices like your Android device or an iPhone.

Does AVG Secure VPN Work with Netflix: Review

You don’t get many servers with AVG Secure VPN, but there are dedicated streaming options – great news if you’re looking to urge around some geoblocks. These special servers can easily be found within the Streaming tab of your client We managed to unblock US Netflix on all three US streaming servers. the united kingdom Wonderland server worked just fine with BBC iPlayer.

That said, popular streaming sites are constantly looking to dam VPN connections. AVG Secure VPN works well today, but the limited server network means it’s easy to blacklist within the future. this will be a drag for those that need a dependable streaming VPN. If that’s what you’re after, I’d suggest NordVPN. it’s thousands of servers worldwide and is bound to get you around Netflix’s geoblocks. More available servers is usually better when you’re looking to bypass geoblocks. AVG Secure VPN could certainly enjoy expanding its network.

How Does AVG VPN Work: Review

If you’re researching various VPN services to seek out the proper service for you, you ought to know the fundamentals of how these VPN services work. As you hook up with the web, you merely activate your VPN service, which immediately connects you to at least one of the VPN’s supported servers. Different VPN providers have a special number of server locations around the world.
Your device are going to be given a singular IP address, which while identifying your device, masks the identity of your real IP address as you flick through the web.

At an equivalent time, all of your data is encrypted, or given a code restricting unauthorized access to your information, by the VPN server. Encrypting personal data takes your information and scrambles it into a code so it’s very difficult or impossible to hack into your data.

This is important because if you ask any computer crimes investigation unit, they will verify that hackers are always arising with new ways to steal your data. By simply intercepting the stream of your data, hackers can easily get sensitive information. But once you are employing a VPN, rather than seeing your personal information, hackers instead see a scrambled, undetectable code.

AVG VPN Review: Software / Apps

The AVG VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. The software isn’t compatible with third-party software, so AVG apps are exclusive to your devices and can’t be customized using others.

The 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN protocol are available just for the Windows platform. A Mac uses IPsec and iOS devices aren’t compatible with the OpenVPN protocol. it’s going to not be possible to run all of your devices on the AVG VPN supported capability restrictions.
The app is user-friendly and straightforward to use/configure. you’ll also test the app during a free 30-day trial so you’ll try it for yourself and obtain conversant in the features.

The software allows you to settle on the choice of automatically connecting to a selected optimized server location. you’re notified by an alert once you are connected for personal browsing. The app allows you to manually select a server with one click. an inventory of obtainable servers pops up for you to form a manual selection. you’ll narrow down a server search by region to form it faster. you’ll also look for a server with the special features you would like P2P for torrenting or streaming servers.

AVG VPN Pricing Review

It states on the AVG VPN website that the worth is $79.99 per annum. However, before you purchase, the higher option is to first download the free trial version, which is sweet for 30 days. Once your free trial has expired, you’ll enter the subscription menu from your account that details its various payment plans. Pricing is about abreast of an annual payment plan only. there’s not an option for a shorter period of your time, like monthly or quarterly. The lowest price for the AVG VPN is $47.88 per annum, counting on the extent of service you buy.

This price indicates the essential service plan. It doesn’t include advanced features like anti-malware or adblocker options. If you would like those advanced features, you’ll need to pay extra for them. The advanced features are separated into different packages. for instance, one package includes a secure browser with a billboard blocker but doesn’t offer more security against malware, which is out there during a separate package. Payment is often made by MasterCard, open-end credit, or via PayPal, which needs you to supply a MasterCard number related to your account. there’s no choice to pay anonymously through cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

This means that your personal payment information are often kept on file (see logging information) for up to 30 days. Although the Terms of Service and User Agreement for AVG VPN states your information is secure and can not be shared, it’s still kept on file. Overall, the worth isn’t bad for a basic VPN service and is competitive with other similar VPN providers. AVG Secure VPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

AVG VPN Review: Conclusion

We don’t recommend this very average and restrictive VPN service. It is user-friendly and straightforward to urge up and running quickly. It also offers an excellent 30-day free trial and uses the highly acclaimed 256-bit encryption. But that’s about all.
If you would like something with more advanced tunneling and security options, shorter-term subscription options, or more advanced features and capabilities generally, keep shopping around for other VPN services that will fulfill your specific needs.

It is very unreliable when used for torrenting or Netflix. There are way better options out there, for instance, inspect our Nordvpn vs Expressvpn breakdown. Two of the very best-rated VPN’s going head-to-head. Overall, we don’t recommend this VPN. Read our greatest VPN list for a variety of VPN’s that we do recommend.

AVG VPN Review:Torrenting

If you’re curious about torrents, AVG Secure VPN won’t allow you to down. Peer-to-peer connections are allowed, although not across all servers. The good news is you don’t get to dig deep. almost like the streaming servers, you’ll find all suitable P2P picks during a separate tab: While the range is great, European users get just one server per P2P location. Just three US servers for torrenting isn’t anything remarkable, either.

The small number of P2P servers may be a potential issue if they become too crowded during peak hours. this will cause lower speeds and stability problems. In short, yes – AVG Secure VPN does permit torrenting. But with just eight suitable servers and no advanced features like port forwarding, it shouldn’t be your first choice.

AVG VPN Review: Why Consider AVG VPN

The first and most blatant reason to use a VPN is to supply extra security and protection for your personal data.

In its early development stages, VPN technology was invented as a way for workers to access company data from home or another remote location. therein way, sensitive corporate information was encrypted and accessed via a secure internet connection.
Today, while the concept is essentially an equivalent , advanced technology allows you to use it to guard your personal data within the same secure way.

AVG VPN Review: Secure or Not

Let’s be honest – you’d probably expect solid protection from a VPN that puts “secure” in its name. AVG covers the fundamentals well, but a better look reveals some serious drawbacks.
Does AVG Secure VPN Keep Logs AVG products are subject to the privacy policy of Avast, and it’s a touch of a multitude? Once you get won’t to the confusing layout, you’ll find the separate policy for VPN products – sadly, it’s not too reassuring.

The big takeaway is that AVG Secure VPN does keep connection logs. Gathered data ranges from time stamps and bandwidth info to your real IP address:
The privacy policy goes on to mention that no details of your browsing activity are stored or monitored while using the VPN. It’s a touch vague, but to us this suggests bandwidth logs are limited to the quantity of knowledge you’ve used.

AVG Secure VPN is predicated within the Czech Republic , which is another problem for your privacy. While the Czech Republic isn’t a part of the Five Eyes alliance, it’s been known to cooperate with Five Eyes countries within the past. As a part of the ecu Union, it also has got to suits strict data retention laws.

AVG VPN Review: Adblocker

This VPN offers a barebones service, meaning you won’t find advanced features like adblocking or anti-malware. There’s a reason why. AVG wants you to use quite just their VPN – for instance, AVG Secure Browser comes with a built-in adblocker. There’s also a separate internet security suite against malware.

But you’re trying to find a top-quality VPN service with many features – not AVG’s entire security package. What’s bothersome is AVG Secure VPN should have the essentials for extra protection, and it doesn’t. You shouldn’t need to purchase additional software simply because it’s good for business.

AVG VPN Review in China

AVG Secure VPN currently doesn’t add China. this is often no surprise because the service lacks any obfuscation settings or stealth servers to urge around the Great Firewall. AVG customer support has also confirmed within the past that the VPN can’t be utilized in China.
Price and Value for Money AVG Secure VPN is by no means a top-shelf service. With just a couple of servers and not many impressive features, it targets the casual user in need of straightforward protection.

That said, this VPN is neither cheap nor flexible when it involves price. The yearly plan puts it within the same bracket with leading providers like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, which have tons more to supply. Compared to AVG Secure VPN, these services often run far better deals on their two-year plans. The lack of a monthly plan also means you’ll be cursed with the VPN for a minimum of a year.

But what if you would like it only for a weekend or a month

It’s obvious AVG wants long-term users, but they ought to believe all the potential customers who’d appreciate a shorter subscription. Even though AVG Secure VPN maybe a little overpriced in our book, there’s some good value to be found. It provides bank-grade security and works with Netflix – that’s ok . There are a few other benefits also.

AVG Secure VPN Review Free Version

The great thing about AVG Secure VPN is its free trial. Most providers offer a maximum of seven days for free of charge, or advertise their refund guarantee as a “trial period”. AVG stands out with a 30-day test window on PC. The trial is restricted to Windows and you can’t use multiple devices with it. On the upside, you get the complete range of features and servers, so it’s easy to urge a transparent idea of what the VPN can do for you. A free trial is out there on Android and iOS also. It starts automatically once you download AVG Secure VPN from the Play Store or App Store, respectively.

AVG Secure VPN’s Refund Policy

AVG Secure VPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If at any point you aren’t satisfied with the service, you’ll request a refund via the support page. Sometimes, there’ll be hidden conditions within the refund policy which will cause you to ineligible for a refund (such as consuming an excessive amount of bandwidth). We checked AVG’s refund policy to form sure that wasn’t the case – luckily, we didn’t find any suspicious fine print. Well done to AVG for his or her transparency.

AVG VPN Review: Devices

AVG Secure VPN has clients for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.This covers all major platforms, but overall support is quite disappointing. Linux users are out of luck because the VPN doesn’t offer manual setup. What’s more, it doesn’t work with routers, smart TVs, or gaming consoles. This also means you can’t run your own VPN configuration via third-party clients – in other words, it’s either the AVG apps or nothing.

AVG VPN Review: Encryption

AVG Secure VPN runs AES-256 encryption with the OpenVPN protocol on Windows. This makes it an excellent choice for PC – unfortunately, an equivalent can’t be said for its other supported platforms. OpenVPN is taken into account the foremost secure protocol, and you would like to possess it for all of your devices. That’s not the case with AVG Secure VPN – its Mac client uses IPSec. OpenVPN isn’t available on mobile, either.

Overall, solid 256-bit encryption is usually welcome. However, security isn’t on an equivalent level across all platforms. AVG Secure VPN also lacks any real security measures – you won’t find custom DNS settings or a kill switch here.

AVG VPN Review: Customer Service

It’s true that AVG provides 24/7 support for his or her products. But this doesn’t tell the entire story. There’s no live chat option. If you would like real-time help, you’ll need to reach support via phone – which is for paying customers only. This makes it very difficult to urge answers before you really buy the VPN. The knowledge domain and ticket system can offer you the data you’re trying to find, but there are not any alternatives to the fast replies live chat usually offers.

And if you were thinking of asking a more technical question and paying for the pleasure, keep in mind that one-time calls cost as much as one year of AVG Secure VPN All in all, AVG certainly doesn’t make it easy (or cheap) for users to contact them.

AVG VPN Review: User Experience

During our tests, we didn’t run into any problems with AVG Secure VPN. That’s mostly because we didn’t have a lot to work in the first place. By using the encrypted AVG VPN protection, here are a number of the extra benefits to you

AVG Secure VPN offers easy yet powerful service. Just download, complete the installation, and luxuriate in safer internet browsing in minutes with just a couple of clicks.
Multiple Devices The AVG VPN can run up to 5 devices at an equivalent time. The software is compatible with Windows (PC or laptop), additionally to iOS devices, Android, and Mac.

AVG VPN Review: Public Wi-Fi

Although public Wi-Fi may be a nice, free, and convenient service offered by tons of places like airports, coffee shops, restaurants, etc., think very carefully about jumping on a public Wi-Fi service. Since anyone can use public Wi-Fi, you’ll see the potential for security and privacy concerns. If everyone has access thereto, the chances of a hacker breaking into your data are increased. By a lot. Anyone with only enough knowledge of the way to hack into a public Wi-Fi stream means they will see, share, track, and steal any information you share on the web.

For example, if you’re paying bills, your banking information could also be up for grabs. Hackers also can gain access to your personal messages, connections, data, and well, the list goes on. By using the AVG VPN, your communication and internet activity is encrypted to the assigned server. Unless hackers are ready to break your private code, which is very unlikely, then all of your information is kept private and secure. there’s also a Wi-Fi auto-connect feature.

AVG VPN Review: Browsing

The AVG VPN uses the foremost secure 256-bit encryption for your protection. this is often the gold tier of encryption standards employed by banks and governments. Meanwhile, it protects your internet browsing activity from ISP trackers, hackers, and even government surveillance.

Reliability A recognized name within the industry, AVG VPN features a reliable diary . It provides an honest level of security from IP or DNS leaks.

Streaming For safer, enjoyable streaming, the AVG VPN connects you to the web anywhere your provider features a server. you’ll stream your favorite TV shows, movies or music from almost anywhere a bit like you’re reception

ISP Tracking Did you recognize that your internet provider can track everything you are doing online. It can see, track, and even store this information. All of your browsing activity, which incorporates what you read, view, watch, research, or click are often seen and even stored by your internet service provider.

Did you ever look for a particular product or service online then experience a wave of comparable advertisements that pop up. That’s no coincidence. Your internet provider can track your activity then sell your information to advertisers, subscription services or whoever else can pay for it. By encrypting your browsing sessions with the AVG VPN, your internet service provider can not see any of your activity. it’s all nice and personal .

Why Is Online Privacy Important

ou know the favored line, “There’s an app for that.” Yes, and there’s also social media. The more apps and social media platforms you’re using, the greater you increase the chances of exposure to hackers, government surveillance and ISP’s tracking, storing and selling your browsing activity.

Your personal preferences, habits, interests, purchases, etc. are all tracked and accounted for. this is often a method those telemarketers are becoming your information, by buying it from someone who is selling online. Your life will change dramatically if your identity is stolen by a hacker. Once in, they will get enough details to piece together a path to your MasterCard information, Social Security number, bank accounts, and other personal data. They can potentially hack into numerous aspects of your life.

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